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Farming Staking Tactic , And Rulette on Betfury


The BNB roulette event plus stalking farming comes in handy at betfury. They make a good combo, but it has a limited time of 5 days so letsgo (roulette)


Okay, it´s only been a day and without deposit, i reached the middle of the roulette 


This is because I use the BNB faucet and games with 5% failure, you can lose, but games like crash that are not individual, they are more attractive for this ,both because it impacts in psychological way  and allows you dominate the fear of losing, for all in players, since the staking farm will be appended with the gross amount that you use on the page . As you can see without depositing anything. I´m in alredy in the middle of the roulette, which is a total of 0.2 BNB of 0.4.


So next we will talk about an unconventional way of farming.

What you try frits is the dice, at 95%, if  you notice that for long you dont get lose, you can even get that the automic bets are over and you dont lose , but the next can be lost or the 2 exaggerating. With an average of 15 % risk, i think it would be completely enough to comple the roulette without depositing and increasing your staking.


Now we will talk about the crash, crash is not a individual game like a dice, so the manipulation ” that some conspiranoids is not so likely, multiplier goes very low, it is because something big is coming And if we have two multiplers x1 , be careful, that´s how my farming broke in hahaha.

Hmmm I started doing this method with the free bonus of bnb that they give you but my personal opinion. risk of 15 % for the total amount you have to use . i think it would be optimal. and  Good luck for all and seriously. if they make money hadthe ability to think the same as they saw. thanks a lot 😀 



This is my current 1day staking with the method 😀 


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