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February the month of binance

Binance Coin (BNB) has been at an absolute uptick in February.

It was quoted at $48.93 on February 1 and today’s date is quoted at $229.55.

To all this we should mention that in the last 7 days it has had a growth of 77.1%.

As well as growth in the last 14 days of 188.2%. All this has led her this month to be in the third position of the market capitalization classification. Only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A one-off case that also helped Binance’s price increase was when Ethereum’s price reached its all-time highs on February 19, Binance announced on Twitter that it had “temporarily suspended” ether withdrawals and all Ethereum-based tokens due to a “congestion problem.” This led users not to be able to trade these tokens for about an hour and left the community speculating about what actually happened. This pause caused BNB to climb another $60 at that time, while Ether remained in the same range.


As a small final reflection, it is to think and analyze correctly whether Binance Coin’s growth continued to increase constantly or finally dented a fall in what is missing from February.

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