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Filecoin Launches on Mainnet

Decentralized storage mechanism protocol Filecoin has launched on the mainnet, according to an official announcement made on October 15.

  • Filecoin transitioned to the mainnet at block 148,888, following 3 years of development
  • The team says that the project is now is a “quiet post-launch” period where the network will be monitored to ensure smooth operations
  • To celebrate the launch, the Filecoin team will be organizing a week of panel discussions, talks and workshops curated by the web3 community
  • Several projects are building decentralized storage solutions, which offers safer and cheaper access data storage solutions, while letting users profit from renting out storage space; additionally, Filecoin also provides content distribution solutions
  • Filecoin was first launched in 2017, with its ICO raising $200 million; the FIL token is up 106% over the past 24 hours and is price at $63.44 at the time of publishing
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