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FlashX Ultra AMA Recap Crypto Revolution Telegram group


On 22nd of February FlashX Ultra conducted an AMA in Crypto Revolution Community. Our guests were Akira, Karen and Shiela from Team FlashX. Let’s take a look at most interesting points from our Conversation during the AMA.



Danny | Crypto Revolution: AMA Starting. Welcome Team Flash X.
Happy to have you with us today Akira, Karen and Shiela!

Akira | Team FlashX: Hello, thank you for your warm welcome.

KAREN | Team FlashX: Hello, Thanks and its a great pleasure to be here. Thank you.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Could you please introduce yourselves guys and tell us how did you get involved into Crypto?

Shiela | Team FlashX: Glad to be here as well!

Akira | Team FlashX: I’m Akira from Flash X Ultra. I work there as consultant. I’m into Crypto since 2017.

I’m learning crypto, blockchains and many other things. And now I’m into DeFi space!

Team Flash X got me into this project. We come up with a good project concept since their main network migrates on Binance Smart Chain.

It’s DeFi economy is growing.

And now, I’m here to share and spread the word for better understanding about Flash X Ultra.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeah. Smart move with BSC. Gas fees are insane

KAREN | Team FlashX: I’m Karen, Marketing Manager of Flashx Ultra, I’ve been in various Phase of the industry, Since 2013 with various Experience as a CM, Marketer and CTO

Akira | Team FlashX: Gas fees hurt. And yes it is.

Shiela | Team FlashX: Hello Good day Crypto Revolution community I’m Shiela one of the FlashX Ultra Community Team Managers nice to meet you and hope to see you guyz in our community too and we will be glad to welcome you there as well!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Nice background Karen!

KAREN | Team FlashX: Thank you

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Could you please introduce FlashX Ultra in Layman’s term to the Community?

Akira | Team FlashX: Flash X Ultra is a Crypto Gaming project where gamblers can enjoy playing and earning Tokens (FSXU).
Plus applied with DeFi. It’s a mining project on gaming and liquidity staking.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: What kind of games they can play?

Akira | Team FlashX: On first working product, we build an app where everyone can play games like a childhood game.

First working product: http://bit.ly/33KJdJt

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Nice 😁

KAREN | Team FlashX: There will be various Casino Games for all to enjoy, including action games, Like war fighters etc

Akira | Team FlashX: And we released Crypto Flasher (beta version). It’s a mining game where you play, bet and win FSXU. It is now available on Google play store.

It’s about FSXU utilization.

Danny| Crypto Revolution: 🥳🥳🥳

Akira | Team FlashX:

Image for post

KAREN | Team FlashX: We’ll also be integrating our Esport platform soon, making you can play sporting games too.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: You work all the time

KAREN | Team FlashX: Yes I do, And thanks for Acknowledging.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Why you decided to launch on BSC. Is it only because of the Gas Fees?

KAREN | Team FlashX: No

Akira | Team FlashX: We migrated on Binance Smart Chain.

  1. DeFi economy is growing.
    2. Gas fees costs less.
    3. Fast transaction
    4. It’s trendy, most people go for it.

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Akira | Team FlashX: And the main reason is:

Flash X Ultra is a mining project through Gaming.

This will require many transactions. That means, we need gas :fuelpump: fees.

BSC gas fees costs less where the project fits in.

KAREN | Team FlashX: BSC is pretty new to the BlockChain Industry and taken every possible advantage of the platform was our major target and beside the gas fees, they operate a unique Defi, platform for all to enjoy.

Akira | Team FlashX: Gamblers will enjoy playing, betting while their actual holdings are not hurt from yeah, gas.


Q1 from @Shekwoyemii

It is a Myth
“Every cryptocurrency is same & it’s here to replace INR! While in
Reality: Each Crypto has its own use case

Can you share with us the project use cases?
How would you efficiently standout from other projects?
What benefits does your project hold for Investors?

Akira | Team FlashX: I like this question.

This is why we migrated on Binance Smart Chain.
The project is about mining through gaming and farming (liquidity staking).
In real life usecase, we have Crypto Flasher which a game where you can use FSXU as bets to earn, play and win FSXU.
It’s about FSXU utilization that’s why we are now on BSC.
We have product already released and now available on Google Play Store:


And lastly, on farming. It’s liquidity staking, where a user will add FSXU and BNB in the pool.

Farming will open in 2 weeks time.

Still you guys can buy FSXU and add it to pool.

Q2 from @BellaSi11384490

Will the liquidity be added to the $FSXU token and can I provide an overview of the tokenomics on the $FSXU created by FlashX Ultra then can I stake in the FlashX Ultra project, will I get a prize for each staking user?

KAREN | Team FlashX: Awesome question

Akira | Team FlashX: Every users can add liquidity in the pool.

I suggest you add liquidity in PancakeSwap using FSXU and BNB pair.

You will get interests from trades. The APY is high also about 45% APY + rate of trades

FSXU got almost 12,000 transactions meaning the earlier you add liquidity, the more you earn.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: APY is good

Akira | Team FlashX: That’s for the adding liquidity.

Second for the rewards, liquidity staking is not yet live. So just prefer to adding liquidity.
Rewards will be also FSXU and BNB.

Q3 from @sentungkupit

What we fear in betting games is the unfairness of the system that allows players to get cheated … can you guarantee that your platform is fair to users?

KAREN | Team FlashX: First, Our liquidity has been added and locked for life, secondly you can also add liquidity and stand a chance of earning passive income, now to the Tokenomics it was 200 million supply which has decreased further down to 180 million, Staking and all of the above actually in place, and adding liquidity makes you stand a chance of gain incomes. ( Add-On for Question 2 )

KAREN | Team FlashX: A billion times assurance, this is the reason why our platform was created, to help everyone and clear off the unfairness of the industry.


Q1 from Crypto Investor

It’s writed in the site. Crypto Flasher wanna be launched soon. Tell me what is it and what is the differential of this app to the crypto user like others?

Akira | Team FlashX: This is the great news. Crypto Flasher is now available on Google Play Store.


Yes, you read it right. It is live.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: How many people are using the App currently?

Akira | Team FlashX: Over 100+ people downloaded it and counting.

Q2 from Roma del

Flash x ultra is innovating and gaining confidence with the public, what next alliance do you expect to achieve, what improvements do you plan to achieve or what benefits do you expect to gain from this new alliance?

Akira | Team FlashX: Okay take time to read.

FSXU got over 1,000 holders and growing.

There’s a lot of room to grow. FSXU is on gaming mainly and liquidity staking.

Crypto Flasher is a gaming platform where you can create an account and play it’s game. You can play, win and earn more FSXU. It’s available on Google Play Store.

We applied:
Coinmarket CAP

Please upvote FSXU on Blockfolio

Liquidity staking will take place in 2 weeks after the approval of Crypto Flasher.

Liquidity is locked 🔐 forever. Buy more FSXU!
We first released working product then applied to some listings like requirements.

FSXU got listed in PancakeSwap, Julswap, BakerySwap and Bitsten exchange.
Partnership will be on WildRift.

In liquidity staking we will choose where. And brand new game (e-sports). To be announce.

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Any other CEXs planned?

Akira | Team FlashX: We have Bitsten exchange already. Soon Hotbit exchange, good for defi projects.

KAREN | Team FlashX: Yes of cos, we’re still in negotiation.

Q3 from John Williams

Recently $FSXU listed on pancakeswap and most of DEX. What’s your listing plans on CEX? Especially the ones involving major exchanges. Are we to expect further Partnerships and what values would they bring?

KAREN | Team FlashX:
Looking at Official website, you found out that there’s a lot of potential in our networking, Marketing and partnership system, In a twinkle of an eye, you could see we’ve made a lot of huge progress, Our partnership will be with Esporting project, and also a gaming platform as well as team players community Platform, All of thus partnership are up in line. But don’t want to speculate on them now, I will urge you all to wait for the finalization. And revelation of all process.

In months time. We will list FSXU in Hotbit (still on negotiations).

As mentioned. We have listed in PancakeSwap, Julswap, BakerySwap and Bitsten exchange.

3 DEX and 1 CEX.

There will be future partnerships.
1. Liquidity staking
2. E-sports
3. Project expansion

Flash X Ultra is a long term project with real value, real utilization.

Liquidity locked 🔐 forever. So the liquidity there remains. The game remains and so the project is.


Question: What happened when you add Liquidity to the pool on $FSXU — BNB?

Answer: On every transaction , you end income of 2% when you add liquidity.


Question: We have released a new Crypto App. It is the second working product of Flash X Ultra. What is the name of it?

Answer: Crypto Flasher


Question: Where does Flash X Ultra migrates? What network?

Answer: Binance Smart Chain


Telegram User:

Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?

KAREN | Team FlashX: Great, Just as discussed earlier, the transparency of betting and casino platform was an issue, there wasn’t any single truth in them, a lot of Cheating occurs, We’re here to solve such problems. And make the global industry clean and clear and transparent for all. We say No to Cheat. No more Cheating again. We’re putting an end to this problem.

Telegram User:

Where can I get or have a #FlashXultra $FSXU token that can be saved, is it already on the exchange market and can the $FSXU token be used for staking or farming?

Akira | Team FlashX: You can buy FSXU in PancakeSwap, Julswap, BakerySwap and Bitsten exchange.

Liquidity staking (farming) is not yet open.

Still you can add liquidity. Earn interests from it and we are almost 12,000+ in transactions.

The APY is high 45% + rate of trades.

You will earn FSXU-BNB.

Telegram User:

On your Medium article you’ve said that your main focus is on the FSXU platform development. Do you consider that FSXA is failed project?
I’m curious, what was the main motivation that made you decide to build $FSXU project ? But please, don’t tell me if it’s just for the sake of MONEY!
What are new experience that FlashXUltra platform will bring to me as a game lovers?

KAREN | Team FlashX: Lol FSXA has never been a Failed project and it is what brought us to this Level, FSXU is just an Upgrade of FSXA, and an update white paper is coming soon for clarification and better understanding.


Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks guys for covering all the Questions. Final Words to Community please?

Akira | Team FlashX: Guys, I am encouraging you to support Flash X Ultra. Buy our token FSXU.

Flash X Ultra is a long term real project, with real value and real utilization.

Invest on legit and long-term. Thank you for the support.

KAREN | Team FlashX:

We want to say a big thanks to everyone here and thanks for having us, Done forget to join up with our community. And remember that making money is for smart people only, So I urge all to be smart join the liquidity pool today and be part of us

Few information you can bank on here. Ensure you check us out

FlashX Ultra is now officially live on Pancakeswap, Julswap, BakerySwap and Bitsten exchange!

Official website.

FlashX Ultra Smart Contract

Trade now on PancakeSwap!






5 million $FSXU Burned!!!

FlashX Ultra Liquidity is Locked!!!




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Website: https://crypto-revolution.io/ ( Update Coming soon )

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FlashX Ultra Smart Contract:

Trade now on PancakeSwap:






5 million $FSXU Burned:

FlashX Ultra Liquidity is Locked!!!



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