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CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the most viewed website for checking the price and other information about cryptocurrencies.

Recently, they launched a “Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto” platform, wherein users can earn cryptocurrencies by learning about a specific token and taking a quiz about such token.

The first cryptocurrency that was featured in CMC earn platform is Band Protocol (Band).

Band Protocol enables smart contract applications, such as in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, to connect with and utilize external data in the real world.

They offer up to 160,000 USD in Band as a reward to users, who will watch the videos and take the quiz.

Every user can earn at least 10 USD in Band.

Currently, the price of Band is sitting around 14 USD. 


How to earn Band tokens:

1. Visit CoinMarketCap.com then a pop up box will appear, just click “start earning”


2. Next, click Earn Band


3. After that, start watching the videos religiously and take down some notes.


4. After you watched all the lessons,  take the quiz and submit it.



The users must provide an email address and Band address for the deposit of your reward.

The good thing is users can use the Deposit Band address in Binance, Coinbase and Houbi.

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