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Free #HardwareDrop Get an free passive income machine

let me explain helium is a decentralized network where you verify GPS based transaction it is highly profitable right now but the problem is you can only have one Hotspot in every 300M radius so a company will buy the hotspot pay for shipping and everything the only thing you have to do is plug it in the wall and connect the hotspot to the internet via the helium app and you will get 25 Helium Tokens (HNT) and 20% of the profits the hotspot makes (1 HNT token is 1,45$ right now) and the best part is it only uses 3-5 Watts and a very low amount of bandwidth

Link: Free Miner

Here is what my miner looks like 😀



Okay a quick recap

You go to this Link and register after that they will call you to confirm your details and once arrived you download the Helium app and connect the hotspot to a power outlet. 

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