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From the Friday events of 19/02/2021

 From the Friday events of 19/02/2021

✅ Bitcoin’s market cap is over $ 1 trillion

✅ Austrian regulators are calling for stricter cryptocurrency laws

✅ Binance has temporarily suspended Ethereum withdrawals

✅ Elon Musk: “Only a fool” would not look for investments other than fiat

✅ SEC vs. Ripple | A nail in the coffin for Larsen and Garlinghouse?3fc84a4c6ac22ccf82ebdeee5a715be31d95717ded709f41ee7949c834e415fc.jpg

The current situation on the stock exchanges

The day on the stock markets ends with a wave of increases.

Bitcoin increased its value by 5.3%

Ethereum by 2.5%

Binance Coin by 53.3%

Polkadot by 7.5%



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