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From Wednesday’s events 13.01.2021

From Wednesday’s events  13.01.2021

✅ One of the largest darknet exchanges has been closed
✅ GateHub will continue to support XRP
✅ He extorted $ 147 million and was sentenced to 10 years in prison
✅ ECB President: Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset
✅ The UK Treasury believes that XRP is not a security3fc84a4c6ac22ccf82ebdeee5a715be31d95717ded709f41ee7949c834e415fc.jpeg

Current situation on the stock exchanges:

The next day passes us much more calmly than the previous ones.

Apart from the visible increase of Polkadot by 23.83%

 Bitcoin goes up by 0.93%

XRP by 2.62%

Bitcoin Cash by 1.85%

Chainlink by 8.85%

The correction is recorded by Ethereum by -0.75%

Litecoin by -0.42%,

Cardano by -0.42%

Stellar by -2.22%.



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