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Further losses in the cryptocurrency market.

Seeing the charts gliding downwards is not a good thing for people who unabashedly bought their first tokens at the high that was a few days ago. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is worth about $1.46 trillion. Three days ago it was $1.76 trillion.

Quite a big drop if we look at the price with the naked eye seems to be Ethereum. When not so long ago it cost $2,000, now when we look at it we can see the price is $500 less. Binance Coin seems to be flopping a little less than BTC and ETH. Probably this impression is due to the gigantic increase in value over the last week.

Elon Musk also recently crowed that the prices of the two biggest tokens seem to be a little too high. And that may have caused Tesla shares to fall 21%.

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