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Get Band Protocol (BAND) at 50% Off!

USD 500,000 worth of Band Protocol (BAND) is going on 50% sale at Crypto.com‘s Syndicate on 6 October 2020, 06:00 UTC.

How does the Syndicate work?

The Syndicate is a fundraising platform for the most promising crypto projects to list their coins or tokens on the Crypto.com Exchange. Crypto.com Coin (CRO) holders, those who have staked CRO in the Exchange, will receive priority token allocation for these events at a discount.

To find out what the syndicate is about, click here.

For this BAND listing, you will need to stake a minimum of 5,000 CRO to get an allocation of 4,000 CRO. The more CRO you stake, the larger the allocation given to you. You will also be required to trade US$5,000 on the Exchange in the past 30 days to participate. Please also note the updated trading requirements from 100,000 CRO onwards.

Band Staking Table

What do I need to do?

To enjoy BAND at 50% off, simply follow the below steps:

  • Sign up for a Crypto.com account: https://crypto.com/exch/7fpp30dh8x
  • By using the above link, you can also earn USD50 if you stake 1,000 CRO or more.
  • Log in as a Crypto.com Exchange user (for a step-by-step guide, click here).
  • Buy a minimum of 5,200 CRO for the minimum allocation. You will need at least 5,000 CRO for staking, and have an allocation of 4,000 CRO. The minimum contribution will be 200 CRO. 
  • Stake at least 5,000 CRO in the Crypto.com Exchange account (for a step-by-step guide, click here).
  • Use CRO to subscribe for the project token on sale at a discount during the subscription period.

What happens after I stake?

There is a 24-hour period for you to stake. The calculation will happen thereafter and you can accept your rewards in T+2 days. 

Band Timeline

What should I look out for?

  • You may not get 100% of your allocation – even if you stake 4,000 CRO, based on historical syndicates, you will only leverage a portion of your staked CRO to get sale tokens due to oversubscription. The rest will be refunded to you.
  • Why should I stake CRO? – Staking CRO on the Exchange will give you the following benefits:
    • If you have staked at least 10,000 CRO, become eligible to participate in the Syndicate’s listing event
    • CRO rebate when you pay trading fees with CRO
    • 20% p.a. Interest, paid daily
  • Why can’t I sign up for the Syndicate? – There are some excluded markets due to regulations. For this syndicate, the excluded markets are citizens and residents of the United States, China, or Hong Kong.
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