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Gokumarket~A Home For Crypto Lover

If you are new to cryptocurrency, then GokuMarket is the perfect place for you. It offers not only just a wallet for crypto but also facilitates various services like buying&selling, trading, exchanging, staking, and many more. It is the home of crypto where all the things available in one place. Some of the features that I love about Gokumarkets are

Buying&Selling Directly through Banks

Many websites provide the feature of buying cryptocurrency with credit or debit card only. Those are common now a days. But have you seen websites which provide facilities for Buying crypto from Bank transfer?

on Gokumarket you can buy cryptocurrency not only from Debit or Credit card but also through Directly from Bank transfer. Not only that You can also sell your cryptocurrency here without placing any ads.

AI Trading

Trading is the main feature coming to the crypto world. But for a beginner who is new to the crypto world does not know how to trade. Goku market provides such facilities that even a newbie can trade cryptocurrency. There is Artificial Intelligence(AI) Enabled Trading Bots which allows 24/7 trading by analyzing the technical indicators and signals such as volume, orders, price, and time which results in risk-free of investment.


Earn Rewards by Staking Cryptocurrencies

Staking is a great way to maximize cryptocurrency rather than letting them sit in a wallet! On Goku Market, You can earn amazing rewards by staking your digital assets or trading account. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to do Staking and we all enjoy earning daily rewards.



Now a days Amazon is the big market for online shopping. But do you know that Amazon only accepts payment from debit and credit card and from Bank transfer only?

On Goku Market, you can do shopping from any cryptocurrency you have. You can buy and store different commodities with reduced transaction fees and discounts through cryptocurrency. Also, you can sell if you have any unused goods that you want to sell. 


Travel & Telecom(Coming Soon ;))

Have you seen such a website where you can book flights and hotels through cryptocurrency? Have you ever seen such a website where you can buy a sim card and top up your mobile through crypto?

On Goku Market, you can book hotels, flights, rooms and cars through cryptocurrency. Also, You can buy debit and credit cards or sim simply with your crypto.



Get 10 GMC($5) as Early Signup

Now Goku Market is offering its GMC token to its users for free. For this, you have to register on their website from someone’s link and must verify your KYC. Or you can also register by downloading their App from Play Store or Appstore if you are using a mobile phone.

For Joining you will get 10 GMC token whose value is $5 (Current value) & for referring someone you will again get 10 GMC($50 tokens which can be exchanged with any cryptocurrency. You can refer more people if you want more tokens. The airdrop is limited for only 10 days so join fast before it ends.



How To Join  

#1 Register on GokuMarket (for laptop users)

Or Download GokuMarket from Playstore or Appstore then Register(for Mobile users)

Don’t forgot to Use My referral code 4957061541 while registering Otherwise You won’t get 10 GMC tokens($5)

#2 You will get OTP in your email, Use it and log in

#3 Go to Profile Section, Then KYC section and fill  up your Passport or Id card information 


#4 Upload a picture of front and backside of your Passport or Id card

#5 Then Upload Your photo holding a passport  or Id card with the paper which has information like Goku Market, Today’s Date, Your Signature for eg


Write Today’s date, not the date which is mentioned in the photo

#5 Now you are all done, You will get an email after 24 hours that your account has been verified and you have got 10 GMC Token. 





We  both  will get 1$5 if you signup using my referral code 4957061541. We both won’t get any money if you don’t use my referral code and I won’t be responsible for that. Thank you.

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