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Good Dollar Project!

Crypto Peeps – 

It’s rare to see a project launch and provide instant utility. I came across the Good Dollar Project on October 9th of this year. That is when I claimed my first G$ (7.26). The project provide what it considers People Powered Basic Income. I strongly encourage you to check  it out and claim your G$ daily. 

Now they’ve created a marketplace to allow you to offer your digital services in G$. I decided to take the plunge! If you would like to receive my full daily brief, become a member at www.thecryptocurator.com and with the low amount of 20G$ each month I will provide that to you. If you’d like to attend my weekly zoom calls on Weds at 7:30 EST, that will be 50G$ each month.  If you’d like 1 on 1 time with me, that will be 199G$ each month. 

I believe this project is going to do well so you should learn more about it at www.gooddollar.org and get some G$ today!

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