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Google Continues to Discriminate Against Crypto

In the past Google has from time to time cracked down on crypto.

– In March 2018 they banned cryptocurrency based advertisements, causing a large dip in crypto prices.

– A few months later in July they banned crypto mining apps.

– In December 2019 they started banning crypto Youtube channels, which caused a lot of creators to move to LBRY.

And from then on Google has continued banning apps from the Play store that they deem unfit for Google Play. Most famously, Metamask which was banned in December 2019 as well and then unbanned in January 2020 after a large outcry.

The latest victim of Google’s monopolistic practices is Cointiply.


Cointiply is a popular and famous Bitcoin faucet where users can complete simple tasks to earn Bitcoin. 

They recently published an article on their blog explaining, that the app suddenly got removed from the store for unclear reasons.

The developers received this suspension notice from Google:


And responded with this message:

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to go through this with us. 

If I’m understanding correctly, it’s this line in the description of our app that’s a problem:

Full description (en_US): “get paid to download Android apps,”

We’re more than happy to edit this completely out of our description. It’s really not the focus of our app, and our app is very specifically NOT focused on illegitimately inflating installs in this way. In fact we’re very much like many other apps in the store… with the exception that our description contains this language and theirs do not. Sorry about that! 🙂

Anyway, please let us know how you’d like us to proceed with editing this, and we’ll go from there.

Thanks so much!

This started a long frustrating conversation with Google Play Support









As you can see from this email chain, Cointiply is unable to get a clear answer or even an opportunity to resolve the issues. We should be careful with making assumptions without knowing all the facts, but it does seem that Google has an anti-crypto bias.

At first glance I would give Google the benefit of the doubt and assume that their number one priorty is to protect their users, even if they do it in the worst possible way. But after seeing this and their other actions in the past, I can only infer that something else is going on behind the scenes. This Benzinga article recently reported on Google’s cryptoccurency ambitions.

Google’s monopolistic practices make it almost impossible for Android apps to be successful. The company continues to unfairly ban cryptocurrency apps, possibly destroying peoples livelihoods.

Thanks for reading and what do you think?

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