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GPT-3 – Towards the gates of an Intelligent Revolution

Without a doubt we are entering a decade of many changes and unprecedented advances; the three fundamental pillars that are at the forefront are denoted in the blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And it is precisely the latter that point to the most radical changes that we will experience.

AI shows a sustained development in automation, of many things that were accelerated thanks to the appearance of the pandemic that currently attacks us. Predictive models will be the basis to leverage this pillar of evolution. And an interesting example is a new language model called GPT-3, basically it is a tool capable of generating content just by giving it commands.

A definition closer to the institutional idea of ​​Open AI, creator of GPT-3, defines it as “a gigantic database of sentences and incredibly powerful computer models to recognize patterns and decide standards of how a language works”. Additionally, “GPT-3 has 175 billion learning parameters that allow it to perform virtually any task assigned to it, making it larger than Microsoft Corp’s second most notable language model, the Turing-NLG algorithm, that has 17 billion learning parameters. “

It is the compendium of an exceptional, interesting and somewhat fearsome work of engineering as it has an extension, an instrument designed to generate content by itself, based on maching learnig, it seeks to predict the following that comes based on previous data, functional in programming environments, for example, capable of composing, generating code sequences, among other interventions in the communication area; It attracts attention and generates diversity of opinions and comments.

The truth is that AI is an unexplored universe and that the possibilities and fields to exploit of this advance are exponential and it simply lends itself to unleash the imagination. This will undoubtedly continue to evolve and carry with it endless opinions and controversies.

Detractors will not fail and will not take long to indicate that you simply have a tool that even makes mistakes; personally the potential of this grows day by day and its progress is simply undeniable.

As always, in this field it is always good to do your own research and have an excellent foundation to keep in mind where we are going. It is only a matter of time to see GPT-4.

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