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POLKADOT has a great interest  and in CARDANO, it results from its technology,and it is that a company of founds in dubai  sold $750 millon of bitcoin to buy cardano and polkadot.

Which makes cardao different from eth?

 they are a not smart contracts like a eth and now eth becomes a place of high volume level to be competitive in all people and therefore there is a lot of noise by polkadot and cardano.

If not, they are native to the blockchain very similar to ADA, so different tokens can be created to open the way to raising the price of the coins in other words, you can create coins in the same eth netwok, but in cardano. The launch date will be in March with the Parch Chain with great demand in Polkadot 



The polkaswap project will be active next month, remenber that they are independent projects and this want to impact the parch chain system, adding to the pokadot seeds. so it looks very confidently polkadot


Mining passive, staking and bet of BTC ETH BNB USD/T BTT SUN


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