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How hackers made $1.14 millions worth in Bitcoin from a ransomware attack.

In June 6, the University of California in San Francisco U.S registered an attack where hackers controlled computers from a research School of Medicine that is working in a vaccine for COVID-19 and to release they demanded $1,140.000. The cybercriminals conducted all the negotiations with the management of the University directly from a site on dark web, for a start they asked for $3 million in ransom.


Is intended as an attack where cybercriminals use a malware in order to encrypt files on determined computers and then contact the owners in order to pay the ransom either in Bitcoin or in Fiat, in exchange the attackers release the tool to unlock the PC.

According to BBC news the attackers after several hours of negotiations accepted to receive 116.4 Bitcoins worth $1,000.000 in actual values from the market. The ransomware is a crime punished in U.S and anyone involved with with could face several years on jail, with each successful attack contributing in the sentence, meaning each attack realized with success increase the penalty of the offender, check more Here.

Criminals are more sophisticated than ever, more organized and more dangerous to deal with, and accordingly to law enforcement, they advise to not pay the ransom after being contacted by the hackers, as doing it they can continue with their fraudulent activities.

I always support the fight against scams and fraudulent business that uses peoples money in order to be successful, my advise, take care and stay alert, scammers are all over.

Need to verify a scam?!


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