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Imitations and false criticisms of Morgan

I believe that this cryptographic world would support much more garbage than it has received since 2010. Even today, many still continue to criticize it, but the essence of a new financial model has called them and from the beginning they have verified the viability of this system as a broad, solid-based concept that powerfully draws attention to how it fits into the real concept of money and its continuous valuation over time.

The simple definition of Bitcoin has been its strongest point and its valuation has depended a lot on its mining management. But its form is so clear that there are plenty of reasons to consider it a valuable asset, beyond its conception of direct exchange without the need for intermediaries.

The reasons are unnecessary, but Bitcoin is with us to protect us from that financial veil and its catastrophic consequences. The real estate crisis was just the beginning of the disaster that we were beginning to drag, even the .com crisis, but we innocently did not understand that this was the time to change.

Now we face the uncertain emergence in this stage of debt crisis, which has not even arrived, but which we know is formed in the shadows, lurking and finding the right moment to surprise more than one by writing a new chapter in the dark book of finances with a new cycle towards another new transition.

We cannot forget that the essence of cryptocurrencies is a clean exchange, without intermediaries, totally decentralized with the purpose of returning our identity. We will see many imitations, coins and tokens with a disguised purpose and in full action to evolve in the lie of exchanging a paper for a code that does not solve anything or contribute any positive element in our favor. 

Imitations, garbage, criticism, everything is in the same package, everything is written with the same ink, only the code matters, only that hash that allows us that strength of independence matters, it gives us that protection, that individuality that will not be copied by any other meaningless coin or token that comes out.

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