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Indexed.finance Launches New DEGEN Index | MEME Contest with $500 Reward

From the Indexed Docs Page “Indexed Finance is a project focused on the development of passive portfolio management strategies for the Ethereum network. Indexed Finance is managed by the holders of its governance token NDX, which is used to vote on proposals for protocol updates and high level index management such as the definition of market sectors and the creation of new management strategies.”

The DEGEN index pool is a high risk, high reward index pool for crypto degens. Users can buy $DEGEN with $ETH on indexed website with Uniswap, provide liquidity to mint $DEGEN, burn $DEGEN to claim underlying assets (users can decide which assets they want to claim from the pool, for example 50% Ren, 50% Badger or 100% CRV, it is all up to you.) Lastly, users can swap for the underlying tokens in the pool.

Tokens included in the DEGEN index Pool are:

DEGEN index pool token


$DEGEN token holders can also mine liquidity by staking index tokens or their associated Uniswap liquidity tokens to earn NDX.


Today Indexed Finance announced on twitter they will be hosting a MEME contest. The 3 best MEMES will each earn $500 in $DEGEN.

DEGEN MEME contest

View the thread on twitter here: DEGEN MEME CONTEST

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