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IOI Games

#1 Tron racing game

Powered by IOI earning you UNLIMITED rewards

A new promising platform with its own ioi token, with the ability to make money on the game or by buying ioi tokens to receive dividends on them. The platform is just developing, soon there will be more opportunities on the site, for example, soon it will be possible to collect collectible cars in the form of NFT cards and stake them and receive ioi tokens for them. you can earn without restrictions. Hurry up to go in now.


How does it work?

  • Set up your strategy before every race
  • Use trading tools and watch your cars compete against other players in real-time
  • Challenge for 5% platform turnover
  • Become a part of a leaderboard and win a championship


Analyze and watch.

Manage your cars in virtual races and use your trading strategy as your fuel to win.
Join or create team and get access to special events and 5% platform turnover shares.


1. How to participate in races, there is a free race where you can win a small amount of Tron tokens. It does not require any fees. You need to select this race, then you will be given a free car. you take it in. click the continue button.


2. Next, from the list of tokens, select the three that you consider necessary. Then, in percentages, you set the power and choose where the coin will go down or up, short or long. Your car will drive at the speed of the parameters you set.


You can also complete challenges for which you are given ioi coins. do not forget to fulfill them!


I hope I helped you, the project is just starting to develop, so have time to get to its start in order to earn more! With all the success, you can join the project below the link!



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