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Etherium would very much like to be in the first place. It is powered by the Ethereum and blockhain platforms.

Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency – it is a platform for creating decentralized products. Ether is a cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum platform and the blockchain.

Etherium received the highest values ​​in 2018. At the moment, it looks like it will soon exceed its 2018 maximum. The year 2021 is very favorable for Etherium, and there is more room for bulish growth.

If you consider yourself a long-term investor for at least 3 years, Ethereum is perfect for you. The cryptomen market is much more volatile than the stock market. If you are very afraid of risk, this is not the market for you. Every risk bears fruit, so be careful not to panic if the market is depreciating.

One thing is for sure, the cryptomen market is much more volatile than the stock market. If you have a particularly risk aversion, this may not be the market for you.

What to know before investing in a cryptocurrency?

Ethereum is a risky investment. Like any investment, there can be a risk that you may lose your money.

Cryptocurr wallets

Cryptomen wallets are an essential part of the ecosystem. Everyone should have such a wallet. Wallets allow you to easily send and receive money. You have them stored in a safe place. I personally use the LEDGER External Wallet.

Such wallets use the development of computer technology. LEDRER has the advantage of being offline at all times and there is no risk of losing your cryptocurrencies.

You can also use cryptocurrencies other than ETH on your harvess wallet.


It is a question that everyone must answer for themselves. Everyone has to consider their risks, especially to make an overview and outline how long I want to invest. If someone wants to earn 300% from day to day, ETHERIUM is not made for it.

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