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Is or is not with us, China and its positions

China continues to be a protagonist in the cryptographic world. Although, this time, its participation continues to be questioned with the new complaint that it has to prohibit the use, sale and / or purchase of any cryptocurrency in its territory.

This position is certainly not a novelty, there are already antecedents, even in the beginning of blockchain technology, which little by little was leaving a change in acceptance by the Chinese government. But really this news, with an important fundamental load, has not caused much variety in the price that currently haunts Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

We already know that real money will be eliminated and the move to a digital world is counting down; China ensures functionality with its digital Yuan, one that puts it in the race to be part of that new layer of currencies that will rule the world and why not, to be one more piece for a total reserve entity along with other digital currencies of institutional character.

China’s refusal also re-marks that race that has to be fought in a world that continues to cling to control, this time through finance under the tutelage of institutional tokenization. Bitcoin continues to be the liberating flag that fuels trust in a world marked towards single bureaucratic polarization.

The element of advancement and development that is seen in decentralized finance must take its key role and continue to advance, the fight of these alternatives is marked by the same path that Bitcoin has. It is taking to the digital field, a new fight that will continue to take center stage while subtracting and dismantling the already extinct ponzi fiduciary structure.

China is betting big, and Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a hindrance at the moment, but it would not be surprising if bridges are built for an integration that facilitates joint usability action between the centralized digital initiatives of China and Bitcoin.

Only time will tell what will be the new way of working and of saving our financial interaction, what is clear is that digitization is a fact as is Bitcoin as a tool against oppression and control. China has not erected barriers, it has simply blocked the bridges, so nothing is written in code yet.

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