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Kucoin KCS skyrocketing above $10… Is KCS the next BNB and can it hit $20 or more?

Kucoin KCS has skyrocketed by 140% in the last 7 days to hit $12 today and is still pumping today – with an increase of 27% in the last 24 hour.

How to explain that sudden increase?

Initially, Kucoin could have been a real competitor, at the same level. But while CZ, this marketing genius, was working days and nights to develop a complete ecosystem including the powerful Binance Smart Chain, it seems that Kucoin’s boss was not working so hard.

So the coin has been sleeping for a while. But suddenly, it February, it woke up and went from $1.2 on Feb. 1 to $12 today.

How far can it go?

KCS continued to surge today despite a bearish mood. However, a correction is more than likely now, since it has too much pumped already. Therefore, in the short term, you’d better remain cautious and take only a few coins if you want to try it. In the worst case, you will have to wait before taking profits, and that’s the most interesing part of it, the long term:

  • KCS is an exchange token like BNB which has not yet exploded – due to the lack of projects so far
  • A Kucoin chain or Kucoin Smart Chain / KCS like Binance Smart Chain BSC could make it pump much higher
  • The current market cap of KCS is close to $880 million, i.e., close to nothing compared to the $58 billion of BNB…
  • The current token value around $11 to$12 seems a bit high, but it is still almost twice lower than the All-Time-High at $12
  • A complete ecosystem similar to Binance could be created around Kucoin and its token… which could multiply its value by 2, 5 or 10…

You may think I am too optimistic. Just remember a few months ago how much BNB was. And please do your own research, as usual.

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