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Lightning Network Game (TH⚡️ DR GAMES) Bitcoin

Some time ago, I wrote an article to introduce you to a game called BLOX Jump.
Today I present to you a very similar game and of much better quality. This one allows you to earn Satoshi with Lightning Network .


This game is called TH⚡️ DR GAMES .





This game is presented with a small round Bitcoin symbol. You have to jump on blocks and catch everything that presents, especially the small purple lottery tickets. (Without falling of course)





On their Twitter account there is a little video, I’ll put it here for you so you know what it looks like.








There are also tournaments, the more points you have, the better you are ranked.



To cash your winnings, when you stop playing, you will have a notification on your phone that will allow you to cash them, by clicking on the Bitcoin logo.






To do this, you will have to download the “Wallet of satoshi” wallet, normally it presents when you play, we suggest you download it. I put the link in case.


The wallet is very easy to use. There is a receive button, and a qrcode that presents


You also have options that I let you discover. To collect the winnings, you do not need the QR code when you play, it will automatically connect to collect the rewards.




I leave you my QR code, if you want to give me a little gift it will always make me happy. It’s the gesture that counts, as they say. Kisses and have fun.😘🥳




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