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Litebringer – A ”World of Warcraft”-like game on Litecoin blockchain

I tested the game, and it is looking promising, if enough players will join. Just to start with the good news, I sent 1$ equivalent in LTC and already i got first payment sent to my Celsius (4.5$ in LTC from the stuff i sold in the first day). The game is similar with World of Warcraft technically speaking, but without any graphics. It is just the maths, without visuals. If you played WOW, you will know what to do in this game without any problems. 

First you need to download the game, and set-up the Litecoin wallet you gonna use in-game. Save your passphrase or private key in a safe place and you can start. You may need at least 1$ in Litecoin to buy the heroes and pay the fees in blockchain. First you need to hit ‘Create character’. You have 3 main classes: Fighter, Rogue and Sorcerer. Each of them has three advanced classes. 

The fighter has Warrior, Knight and Palladin.


The Rogue has Assasin, Pirate and Bard.


The Sorcerer has Battlemage, Priest and Warlock. 


The items are different quality ( grey, white, green, blue, indigo and orange). They can also be related to an element ( arcane, darkness, fire, holy, lightning, nature, physical and water). You have weapon, offhand, chest, hands, feet, head, legs, amulet and 2 rings. 



Once the character is made, you press Quest button and you can see the map. First quest is in your base, where you get basic items (weapon, chest, pants). Then you head to the Rogue base to get Amulets, Boots and other items. You can kill Elementals to upgrade your items, or you can use the Dismantle Items button to disenchant the items into elements. 


After this, you may do whatever you want on the map. If you got some good stuff you can sell it on the market for litecoins.


If you need to buy some good stuff, you can use the market also. 


That is the introduction. I hope you will enjoy it. It is not thrilling when you start, but if making some LTC is your aim, than this will do it.  For more information this is the official How to play page. 

Good luck! Eat all your spinach!




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