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LoK – $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 9

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

Today is PayDay again. The first in the new p2e model. This means it will be somewhat different in comparison with what we have seen before. It is up to the Alliance farming the Hive(s) to divide the payment as they seem fit. See our new play2earn model for more information. 

$Burger [BRGR]’s new play2earn model

First of all, I’m glad to announce we have bought another 9 land strong Hive in the D1 zone to be farmed from now on. The costs for these digital lands were 350 BRGR, giving us a more diverse set of lands backing $Burger [BRGR] and setting up our first step to scale again within LoK.


As this was the first 2 weeks of the new p2e, I have been less strict on activity for the Southern Hive (which we all know as BurgerLands till now). The Northern Hive hasn’t been farmed yet, but I’m sure that will change. In this update I will therefor give an update about what the land stats look like now and what kind of Dividend has been given. On Continent 1 as well as Continent 2 the minimum of 20k VM’s has been given by the GHUB alliance working the Southern Hive (BurgerLands), meaning we will divide the dividends over C1 and C2 equally. 

Last PayDay


BurgerLands, the Southern Hive, has gotten a total dividend of 22.21 DAI, which is over 1.5 DAI a day. Strong! 


Our new Northern Hive, which still needs to be worked, took down a dividend of 3.3353 DAI. 


Subtracting the withdrawal fee the total comes down to 24.545 DAI. 100% of the 2.8353 DAI (3.3353 – 0.5 withdrawal fee) will be used to buy $Burger [BRGR] for burning as well as building up the community fund. 80% of the 21.71 (22.21 – 0.5 withdrawal fees) will be used to buy $Whale as dividend payment for GHUB working the Southern Lands on Continent 1 and Continent 2. 80% comes down to 17.368 DAI, 20% (4.342 DAI) will be used to buy $Burger [BRGR] for burning as well as building up the community fund. 


Meaning both C1 and C2 Alliances (GHUB on both) will receive a payment of 1.92685 (3.8537 total) $Whale for working the Southern Hive (known as BurgerLands). We as $Burger [BRGR] thank you. Proof of Burger Burning will be done at the end of the month as always (coming week) and the next PayDay (10) will be on the 6th of December. 

Stay strong,


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