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Mark Cuban: I’ll Run for President if BTC Reaches $1M

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban surprised Twitter on Jan. 5, tweeting in response to Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya that he would run for president if Bitcoin met a few conditions, including reaching $1 million in price.

  • The prominent investor, who has expressed doubt about Bitcoin, said that he would run for president in the United States if Bitcoin’s price reached $1 million
  • One further condition he demanded is the need for “commitments to donate 350 BTC to the Treasury every 4 years” with the goal of giving 1 Satoshi to every citizen each year, a plan that could help debt-burdened individuals
  • Cuban made the remarks after Palihapitiya said that the US was in need of a dire political change, in need of a viable third party; rumors have long since floated that he may be considering launching a bid for the presidency
  • Cuban is neither a significant supporter or detractor of Bitcoin, having made comments for both sides of the case; he only has $130 in BTC
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