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Market Update: Slew of Unknown Coins Has Seen Considerable Gains Since ‘Black Thursday’ | Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Market Update: Slew of Unknown Coins Has Seen Considerable Gains Since 'Black Thursday'

The cryptocurrency economy has been slowly rising toward a $200 billion market capitalization again following the grueling global market carnage that started on March 12. Most of the top ten cryptos are closer to the prices they held before ‘Black Thursday’ and there’s also a slew of unknown coins that have seen considerable gains so far.

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Unknown Crypto Coins Shine During the Last 30 Days

The entire market valuation of all 5,000+ digital assets has been hovering between $180-195 billion as a number of cryptocurrencies have been consolidating. Not too long ago digital currencies took an extreme hit as global markets worldwide shuddered on March 12, 2020, otherwise known as ‘Black Thursday.’ 15 days later, crypto prices have regained some strength and roughly $25-30 billion has been added to the entire cryptoconomy. The top ten coins have done well but there’s a ton of unknown digital currencies moving up the ladder with great speed. In fact, a considerable number of cryptos have gained 50-1,520% in the last 30 days.

Ti-value (TV) has gained a massive 1,520% in the last 30 days and the coin has gathered over 2,000% against BTC. The fork monero classic (XMC) is up 546% in 30 days. Streamr (DATA) is up 191%, mir coin (MIR) 190%, datum (DAT) 185%, cybervein (CVT) 139%, Numeraire (NMR) 119%, mktcoin (MLM) 94%, cloudbbric (CLB) 63%, and aditus (ADI) gained 62% in the last 30 days. All ten of those coins are Friday’s biggest gainers as all of them have gained far more value than the top ten contenders.

30-Day Biggest Losers and the Top Ten Standouts

Friday’s biggest 30-day losers include coins like super bitcoin (SBTC) which lost 94% in 30 days. Other big losers include kicktoken (KICK) 85%, bolt (BOLT) 80%, vouchforme (IPL) 77%, sophiatx (SPHTX) 75%, hydro protocol (HOT) 75%, and the mercury protocol (MER) 75%. Other notable losers are coins like 0xert (ZXC) 73%, 1world (1WO) 70%, and robotina (ROX) which is down 70% for the month.

As far as the top ten is concerned, since ‘Black Thursday’ most coins still trade around 15-35% lower compared to before the carnage started. The biggest winner out of the top ten is bitcoinsv (SV) which is only down 15% since the market downturn started. BTC is down 16%, ETH 32%, XRP 19%, BCH 16%, LTC 20%, EOS 25%, BNB 23%, and XTZ has lost 35% since March 11.

What do you think of the recent crypto winners and losers? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, markets.bitcoin.com

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