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Master Trader Announces Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum Levels to See and 4 Altcoins to Explode!

Usta Trader Bitcoin, Ripple ve Ethereum’un Göreceği Seviyeleri ve Patlayacak 4 Altcoin’i Açıkladı!


Cryptokoin.com – The world famous crypto trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe has announced the levels that Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum will see in their new forecast. In addition, the analyst drew attention to the potential in 4 altcoins.

Michaël van de Poppe: This altcoin will shine soon
World-famous cryptocurrency trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe said that a corporate blockchain platform is rapidly on the rise within a month. So far, the analyst says Ontology (ONT) has been following the bull scenario itself. The analyst predicts that altcoin will double to $ 1.07 as a result. At the time of writing, ONT is trading at $ 0.68.


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Master trader announced levels that Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum will see
Michaël van de Poppe believes that Bitcoin bulls are under control after supporting $ 10,900 resistance. According to the crypto strategist, the bull signal indicates that Bitcoin will rise to $ 11,500. As for Ethereum, the analyst says he is willing to take the immersions.

If the bulls continue to push, the second largest cryptocurrency will see $ 405 in the short term, according to the analyst. The analyst estimates that ETH will drop to $ 280 in the bear scenario. Master trader is on the rise in XRP / BTC parity in the short term. Analyst emphasizes that the XRP / BTC pair will likely be above 2,500 Satoshi this month.


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Analyst draws attention to 3 popular altcoins
In addition, Michaël van de Poppe looks at three altcoins, which he believes have a lot of reverse potential. The analyst thinks that the ZIL / BTC (Zilliqa) pair may rise despite the downside course. According to the analyst, the same is true for VET / BTC (VeChain). According to the analyst, the VET / BTC pair may be on the verge of bottoming, but Michaël van de Poppe admits that the VET / BTC is still in a downtrend.

Also, the analyst is looking at LINK / BTC (ChainLink), which is now in the middle of a deep retreat. The analyst expects crypto money to drop further before entering long positions. Analyst adds:


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