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Men’s chastity belt is blocked by a hacker and you need to pay in bitcoins for unlocking it

It’s news to me that they exist – men’s chastity belts.
But this information just confused me.
it turns out that Qiui Cellmate’s” smart ” men’s chastity belts are controlled remotely and can block the user from a distance. Don’t ask me why. But! It turned out that there was an error in the protection of and… hackers broke into a couple of devices, blocked and demanded 0.02 bitcoins for unlocking!
the number of victims is unknown, and those who asked for help were in no hurry to go into details.
it is noteworthy that the most popular comment on this news was:

«So that’s why Bitcoin has grown»

What else will hackers go to to extort bitcoins from their unfortunate victims?


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