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Midas Gold Commission Launching and the first Golden DOT Commissioning


Following MDSIP01 and MDSIP02 Town Hall Voting results, we have been actively developing Midas Gold Commission to provide a new source of passive income to MDG and MDO holders as well as to add more stability to MDO to be at peg as its intended design.

We are happy to announce that tomorrow from epoch 166, Midas Gold Commission will be officially launched. Furthermore, we will also start our first Golden DOT Commissioning to distribute 300 $DOT to all participants in Midas Gold Commission for 3 days from 19:00 GMT+8, from 9 April to 12th April.

Some summary on the Midas Gold Commission:

  1. Staking VLP MDG/MDO 50/50 (according to the Vote MDSIP02)
  2. Earning MDO expansion from MDS board (according to the Vote MDSIP01)
  3. Earning Golden Boost from time to time from Midas Gold DAO Reserve (The first commissioning test is using DOT).
  4. Every deposit & withdrawal of MDG/MDO will lock up MDG/MDO for 18 epochs, and MDO rewards for 9 epochs. Likewise, every claim of MDO rewards will lock up MDG/MDO for 18 epochs and the next claim of MDO rewards can only be done 9 epochs later.

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