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MinecraftCoin lets you make money while playing Minecraft

Here’s good news for Minecraft players they can now earn money while playing their favorite game. A new cryptocurrency has been introduced specifically for Minecraft players, called MinecraftCoin which is rewarded to the players and then can be traded for cash or bitcoin. The MinecraftCoin is a third-party effort and is in no way affiliated with Mojang the creator of Minecraft.

What is MinecraftCoin?

MinecraftCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that works on the proof of work and proof of stake system. The open-source cryptocurrency allows users to connect the Minecraft server with the cryptocurrency server which then allows the coin’s server to reward players with MinecraftCoin. The system has two sets of block rewards, for a PoS block reward the player gets 5 coins, while for a PoW the player gets 300 coins block reward. The minimum stake age is 2 hours while the maximum can be unlimited, a player’s stake reaches maturity at 8 blocks at which they can proceed to the exchange. It is also running on a semi-anarchy server on Minecraft which essentially means that it has very few rules for the players.

How to get paid:

The MinecraftCoin website has its exchange it is also connected to the Autradex exchange which allows the user to trade their MCC into cash or even other cryptocurrencies. The exchanges can be accessed through the website. The website also has instructions for setting up a digital wallet as well as a paperback wallet for its users. Currently, if you want to extract your earnings you can go to the website and fill a form and they will be able to withdraw their MinecraftCoin.

Goals of MinecraftCoin:

MinecraftCoin aims to start a whole community around Minecraft, they aim to develop a marketplace where users can interact with each other and sell mods, maps, and skins to each other. The MCC in the game would be converted to MCC outside the game which can then be traded by users for skins, maps, and mods outside the game as well which gives the players the chance to exchange stuff through a third party. 5 MCC in the game can be converted into 2 MCC in the real world which can then be used to exchange game stuff or can be exchanged to hard cash through the in-built exchange on the website. The supply of the MinecraftCoin is 500 million coins for PoW with a Inflation rate ~0.5%.

The MinecraftCoin aims to become a community for Minecraft players with their cryptocurrency and a medium of exchange in the real world. It aims to act as a bridge between the gaming world and the real world, people would be able to convert their game riches to actual riches which is something unheard of. Bringing gaming and cryptocurrency together is a concept that has been in talks for a while now, through this way novice players and pro players can monetize their gaming talent. The MinecraftCoin is an interesting take on the whole matter which was just reduced to cryptocurrencies issued by players online individually, it brings the whole community together on one page.

Getting in on the action:

All Minecraft players can take advantage of this opportunity, they can connect to the Anarchy server of MinecraftCoin and instantly start making money while playing. The details of the whole process can be accessed from the website minecraftcoin.online. In case of any queries, the team can be contacted at [email protected].

The players can access the server at play.minecraftcoin.online, where they would be given 2 MCC in the game upon joining. This is a great opportunity for hardcore Minecraft gamers to make money! You should definitely check it out.  


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