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Mommin’ It Monday – Stream 33 – Crypto News Feb 15th, 2021


Another Monday full of positive headlines in the crypto world. Me and Lisa certainly tried to find few FUD articles out there to display on our Mommin’ It Mondays episode today, but could not find many. It is clear we been riding a positive wave and we will continue to highlight the topics we feel are important.  In the last few days the topics ranged from many large institutional banks announcing their plans to integrate Crypto into their services all the way to Uber announcing its plans to accept Cryptocurrencies upon demand. It is clear that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream and as normal changes are occurring fast. Let’s make sure that we keep up-to-date.



Below are all the topics we discussed on the Recorded Livestream above. 

1. We start by taking a peak at my 1st NFT on auction called MamaPixel. For more details access this recent blog post:  https://www.mammycrypto.com/2021/02/mamapixel-on-wax-my-first-nft-minted.html

2. Charlottesville-based bank says it is the first in the country to allow Bitcoins to be bought and sold using its ATMs

3. “2008” will be the first piece in http://NotFungible.com’s Chronicles series. My longest animation to date, 2008 tells the story about the year people’s faith in banks was shook & #bitcoin was transformed from an idea into code.

4. $2 Trillion Banking Giant BNY Mellon Reveals Bitcoin And Crypto Plans—‘Digital Assets Are The Future’ 5. Uber CEO says the company will accept bitcoin if there’s a need for it 6. “20/ Verge (XVG) just got 51% attacked. Always be wary of coins that are highly NiceHash-able. When there’s no upfront cost, the incremental cost can be quite cheap. And it would be easy to do a 51% attack and re-org the chain”. Check out Charlie Lee’s Full 1 to 20 Informational tweet about network security, mining and 51% attack. Very good stuff: https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/1360898307040686081?s=20 All my best,

Michelle M


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