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More generous Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn campaigns


In the most recent announcement from Coinmarketcap about the changes to its Learn & Earn program, this months changes coming along with the new Orchid campaign brings some positive news in that the rewards gained by participants can be expected to be few times higher than previously, however at a cost of increased difficulty of qualifying with the participants expected to be KYC-verified Binance accounts.



  • The recent decision to restrict the eligibility to KYC-verified participants comes amid a rise of fake accounts signing up for the campaigns and draining out the budgets.
  • The Coinmarketcap users will be still able to participate in the Learn & Earn campaigns, however once they submit the form the provided Binance ID will be automatically assessed in terms of KYC status.
  • Although the previous and ongoing Coinmarketcap campaigns have been strictly limited to Binance users, the company is reportedly in talks with other exchanges to be supported in the future campaigns.


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