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My new presence on Torum and a few experiences

A cheerful hello to everyone !

I have been moving on Torum for a few days. It is a platform in which everything can be posted that is related to cryptocurrency, i.e. encrypted currency (-> cryptography).

I write different posts on Torum than on PublishOx in order to achieve a wide range of topics and get my readers moving. Not away from PublishOx: 😀

Just click on it: Here you get kicked to Torum


If you feel like using this service, you can use this referral link. This is how one hand washes the other


Data and experiences on Torum:

The founders and co-founders are from Malaysia

It is still done by hand, the founders try to communicate with the users and of course to inform them.

Activities are rewarded so that one is not dependent on readers.

Generating followers is pleasantly easy. Finding the right topic content for yourself takes a bit.

The Torum bosses rave about PublishOx. Got some clients through it.

My opinion on this site is that it has a very good design as well as a nice color scheme. It’s just fun and inspiring to write on. I would like to take this opportunity to thank @Khazrakh, who brought me to this page. If you feel like it, you can pay him a visit.


My Torum username

Stay healthy.



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