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Nearly $20 million stolen from the DeFi protocol Pickle Finance | FXStreet

Tanya Abrosimova, author of FXStreet portal in her new article says that *Another liquidity mining project fell victim to the hack attack and lost about $20 million of users’ funds in DAI tokens. The attacker exploited the vulnerability of Pickle Finance smart contract called DAI PickleJar using fake swaps.*

She said:

The token of the project (PICKLE) lost over 50% of its value after the hack attack. The price tested the low of $8.84 before recovering to $12 by the time of writing.  The project takes 2333 place in the global cryptocurrency market rating, while its total capitalization remains unknown.

The content is very short and easy to read, so if you are interested please go *HERE* to read the full article.

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