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New Uniswap Airdrop – I Just Made $1,500 USD

I visited airdrops.io this morning to be presently surprised with the news that Uniswap is doing another airdrop, and I qualified right away.  I suspect many people will as I don’t use that wallet for much; a little Delta pooling and a few LRC/DAI transactions with barely any ETH being held!

The airdrop grants 400 UNI tokens to active users who simply connect their ETH wallet to Uniswap.  I used my STA-Project Metamask wallet which isn’t holding much at the moment, and immediately saw that I was eligible:

The claim process was simple and fast.

The only kicker to this airdrop is that it requires a little ETH gas to claim them, as it costs ETH gas to send them.  For me, it was exactly $2.13 USD (I likely could/should have adjusted gas/gwei, but didn’t feel like waiting) and that is reasonable for 400 tokens that are likely to pump and offer different options for profit.

I converted a few dollars worth of Bitcoin to Ethereum on Coinbase and sent it to my MetaMask wallet, and then claimed my UNI:

The transaction only took 2 minutes and 39 seconds to process and upon success, It had a nice splash image (too fast to screenshot, unfortunately!) which shows that I successfully obtained my 400 UNI Tokens.  The entire process was under five minutes:

Here is my Etherscan transaction hash for validation:

I recommend you get on top of this if you don’t mind throwing a little ETH gas in as an investment.  It’s rare to see instant results in an airdrop, but I guess that’s what you are paying for with the Ethereum gas.

Regardless, I feel it’s a sound investment as Uniswap is now supported on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Huobi & OKEx and is growing in popularity.  It’s not my favorite platform, but I will sure as hell make some money off of it!

The current mid-market price is $3.76 per token.  At 400 tokens, that is $1,504 USD.

I was able to exchange my 400 UNI for 6,734.14 BAT at a current value of $1,477.48 while BAT is in a dip at 0.22c USD.  I am mind blown that I didn’t catch this sooner:


And after I sent it from MetaMask to Coinbase:

Here’s the transaction hash:

It only cost me about $12 in ETH or less to claim, exchange, and send back to Coinbase and I deliberately used high gas fees to avoid any failed transactions.  I am having a mild panic attack, not going to lie…

This is the most I have ever made in a single transaction.  And of course, I will wait for BAT to rise before I sell and make even more!

Here is a link to Uniswap’s analytics which shows it’s in a dip during the airdrop but still holding a decent value.

I hope everyone is staying safe during these trying times.  My heart goes out to anyone who is struggling; this should no doubt help those that qualify!

Stay safe & Stay healthy!

-Thomas Wolf

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