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News January 2021 and new BitZyon Draw

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve written this blog, and I think now is a good time.

During this time, I haven’t stopped, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve shared many contents and here you have some of the news that I think you might be interested in.


I have tried many DeFi projects on different blockchains.

venus XVS and VAI

HARD Protocol

Melon Protocol

Staking (Proof of Stake)

I’m following a good strategy with staking on several platforms. Especially on BitMax.

But I also have my own server staking MAR coins

And now also BitZyon in 4Stake

BitMax and 4Stake


And finally, my best investments with Bitcoin in 2021.

I started this year with 2 good investments on the one hand.

We Trading (Crypto Mining Group)

Onix Bot 2.0

And on the other hand.

I hope you liked all this information.

You can comment on this news with other topics you would like me to talk about.

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