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Nurgaz Camp Kitchen Products Introduction

In this video, I used as an RNA Traveler in the camp I bought from Nurgaz, Nurgaz Ng 078 Micro Stove Ilgaz, Nurgaz 450 Gr Screw Cartridge, Chrome catal knife set and chrome camping pot set, Nurgaz Camping Bag, mini salt shaker, mini oil bottle, I introduce Nurgaz Wind Breaker to you. Have a good time.

Liquid Oil Bottle Set: 5TL
Chrome Saucepan Pan Set: 190TL
6 Egg Storage Box: 12TL
Nurgaz 450 Gr Screw Cartridge: 34 * 2TL
Mini Salt Shaker Pepper: 6TL
Chrome Cutlery: 30 * 2TL
Nurgaz Camping Bag: 85TL
Nurgaz Wind Breaker: 65TL
Nurgaz Ng 078 Micro Stove Ilgaz: 110TL

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