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One Time Brave Payout in September!

As I have written extensively Brave has had a pretty big problem this month. Finally, the Brave Team addressed the issues most users had been facing in regards to the huge difference in payouts! Since I began using the browser I have never seen such a discrepancy in my own rewards however sometime during this month they will issue a one-time payment to users for the confusion. This leaves me with a couple of questions though with this method.  

  • 1) If they don’t have the revenue that the token is based on how is this going to affect the value? To me, it seems like they are creating inflation and this will lead to a drop in the value of the coin. 
  • 2) How much is each person getting? Is it the amount the person’s dashboard says or are they giving each person X amount of BAT? It seems you would want to make people whole however if the bug is as prevalent as it appears to be a ton of BAT will be issued. I have roughly another 20 BAT due to me if they choose to make people whole it might be a huge huge issue. The last time I checked they had over 5 million users so even if we say that 1/5 of the accounts is off that would mean 1 million accounts and even if the average amount off is just 4 BAT an account ($0.25 a BAT*4 so $1) there would be a flood of tokens out there.
  • 3) They still have not addressed the Publisher accounts which mine for example is way off. I received the one tip of BAT I had gotten but still fell dramatically short. They paid out a little over 17 BAT for the confirmed referral that should be the BAT equivalent of $7.50 which would mean I would need to receive 30 BAT.


Hopefully, they continue to address these needs in future announcements. Also in this one, they commented on people having issues with auto withdrawals to Uphold and what to do about that if you are having that issue!


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