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One Year earning BCH on Read.Cash!


One year of blogs on Read.Cash.

I registered on Read.Cash in December 2019, just a few days before the new year 2020. At that time, the platform was really new. There weren’t many users yet. Only tips from users gave you money directly to your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet, depending on the interest and quality of your articles. I started earning nice tips immediately, in fact. The platform then evolved, several times. It conducted various experiments, proposing different ways to earn money by publishing your blogs. Always with the possibility of being supported by the readers with their tips. Today, a bot called Ramdom Rewarder scans the articles and pays them according to their length, quality and relevance. Anyway, if you write a quality article, expect to receive Bitcoin Cash as a reward. However, your article will have to be original and published first on Read.Cash.

These are my earnings for the year 2020: $562.48 (end december 2019 to mid january 2021). Nice earnings considering I was a couple of months of in 2020, not very assiduous.

BCH earnings on Read.Cash

Read.Cash is a nice community, and I met a lot of interesting people there. I manage somme communities, about music, mainly. You can create your own. Well, If you want to earn some good money from your blogs, I highly recommend you to signup on Read.Cash.


I’m an Electronic Music Artist. Some of my music. :0)




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