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p2pb2b Airdrop

airdrop airdrop airdrop


if not many times, this is something that we have all atleast heard of one time, and as there are so many airdrops in the crypto world, some of them being great and others, well not so good, today am here to share with you one of the greatest airdrop that you will ever come across, i know you must all be wondering what airdrop it is right, anyways it is the p2pb2p exchange airdrop, yes you heard me right, its launching its token called “PACT”, and for those of you who don’t know p2pb2b exchange, its one of those amazing exchanges with an easy to use interface and another great thing about, you can trade 1UP on the exchange, yes you heard me right, 1UP is uptrennd token, myself i have already claimed mine, now its your turn to join the and claim yours as well, for those who already have p2pb2b accounts you just have to click the link and login and for those who are not registered on p2pb2b, you will just have to click the link and join the exchange in-order to be able to claim your 100PACT, you still here, hurry up and and go claim yours as well by following the link below 




image source: p2pb2b.io

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