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Passive mobile mining for 0.25 cents per day (Listed on Uniswap and Bione Stock Exchange)

GeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem that brings value to its creators and users. The GeoCash Ecosystem rewards everyone around the world for the data they generate.

In short, a mobile mining application. I will not go over it. Download and collect daily GeoDb. It can be traded in the markets. It has monetary value.

I mined 6 $ worth in 1 week. Our earnings will increase as the value of GeoDB increases.

🌐 Geo Application

💰Daily Mining

1 GEO: $ 0.25 (listed on Uniswap and Bione Stock Exchange)
Current Data (Coinmarketcap) CLICK HERE TO SEE. 

🔘 Download the app: https://downloads.geodb.com/geocash

💧 Create new wallet.
Write wallet name and create PIN code.
💧Enter Ref Code: BUKIG_PRMEHL
Click “Start Geo” and the application is ready. As long as the phone is open in the background, Geos will be in your account every hour.

Note: Each block completed will receive a reward. More references bring more rewards.

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