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Pi Network a XLM early development?

Few months ago i stumbled upon a link of new possibile token which can be mined from you mobile phone, PI NETWORK. I don’t know if you ever read their white paper , here the link if some of you are interested in reading it :https://minepi.com/white-paper 

The project even if is at the very beginning stage, as we can see from their app and webpage we are now at the second stage of this development , or as they state : “Phase 2 – Testnet “



Pi, introduced the additional design requirement of employing a consensus algorithm that would also be extremely user friendly and ideally enable mining on personal computers and mobile phones.

Based on the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) was architected by David Mazières a professor of Computer Science at Stanford who also serves as Chief Scientist at the Stellar Development Foundation. SCP uses a novel mechanism called Federated Byzantine Agreements to ensure that updates to a distributed ledger are accurate and trustworthy. SCP is also deployed in practice through the Stellar blockchain that has been operating since 2015.

Basically what you will have to do after downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone is to tap once per day (every 24h) the “MINE” button and it will start automatically mine your new Pi. 

I think this might be something we should look into in the future , and I thought this is worth sharing with all of you.

For more information you can check directly the their website, 

here the link for those of you interested in the PI node building network:


 To conclude, I’ve been using their application for more than 5 months now and I haven’t noticed any drawbacks in my usage of the device. I have continued using my phone as the main place when I do some work , read email, and social networks and I haven’t even noticed a difference in performance, battery drainage, or network speed. You just have to remember to press the button to start mining when the 24 hours period finishes and most important the app does not spam you with notifications or anything, literally just sits there and produces PI for you. 

So why don’t give them a chance ? But here my doubt about it:Why we can’t track our mining details anywhere on blockchain?

Maybe some of you more expert tham me could help me answer this question….

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