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Pi Network: Wallet Launch

The Pi Network has seemed to be a pretty divisive topic on this website. People on both sides hold strong to their beliefs and I find the whole thing rather interesting to see. With the most recent news though from the development team we might finally be getting to the point, we will be able to get a clearer picture of who is right and why that will be. 


I joined the Pi Network really to see what it was about and to give it a shot. I figured and still do that for every moonshot coin out there a ton more fail but if I do not have to spend any money then honesty why not. Pi Network really fit the parameters almost to a T and with my brother’s referral, I began my Pi adventure.


Recently Pi has announced some pretty big news! Individuals who run a Pi desktop node now have the ability to create their Pi Wallet. This feature was rolled out in a limited capacity just a couple of weeks ago but now it is open to all desktop node runners! With this increase in wallets being creased the developers are getting the ability to see the blockchain in action and how well it deals with the data load of an increase in the number of users. This is a critical step in the journey to Mainnet launch. With this news, it shows that the development team continues to make strides and move the project further along.


Now, will it turn into the next Bitcoin as some people have suggested? I doubt it…. Will it just burn up into nothing? Well, it still could but again the team continues to make strides and build on more and more features. At the end of the day as a crypto that you still can’t have spent any money on to acquire it’s not exactly the most dangerous thing in the world. Development is critical to any and all blockchains and that is what the Pi team has continued to deliver. This wallet is a huge step in the right direction for those who have been partaking in to see what it ends up developing into! 



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