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If you want to witness the growth of a fantastic project, this is the moment and I will explain how and why.

PipeFlare is a site that supports game developers. It has 3 faucets with direct instant payments to your ZCash & Dogecoin wallet, as well as being able to accumulate FLR Tokens that allow you to make purchases in the games on the site or you can save them. Why save them? Well, like any project, it is likely that these tokens may soon be tradeable and as we already know, it is better to be at the beginning and not be late.

Why should you support this project?
One of the best things is the support and the entire team that makes it up. They are always in contact with users and always alert them to changes or improvements that the site may receive.
You get bonuses on your claims every day.
You get referral bonuses.
You get fractions of ZCash for playing the games.
From Monday to Thursday they raffle $ 15 USD in ZCash every day on their Twitch channel.
They have monthly referral competitions above $ 150.

If my experience with this site was negative, surely I would not be here writing this. Let’s support new projects that benefit users, it’s the least we can do.
I leave the link and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.







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