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POBB – Proof of $Burger [BRGR] Burn – #7

Time for POBB #7. We have had 2 Paydays. Our last POBB stand of the community fund was -270 BRGR after using it for buying Shrine Land. Since we would like to grow into other games, and create more liquidity, I have decided to donate 270 BRGR out of my own stack and pay these ‘debt’s’ thus setting the community fund at 0 BRGR. The total BRGR in existence was 9.852,293732 BRGR. Since gas costs make it expensive to burn BRGR on a monthly basis and the community fund is at 0 – which we like to grow back in order to expand – we have decided to move from 80/20 building/burning to 100% building up community funds with the 20% of dividends flowing to BRGR. This leaves the deflationary idea of BRGR behind for a bit, but gives us more room to grow which we decided will create more value for the time being. 

For more info about $Burger [BRGR] check out the site.

Last POBB we made the following comments: “We will use community buildup funds to first pay that debt (to BurgerBaron who fronted). Since however, gas costs would amount to somewhat the same amount as we would be buying with, it will be stacked with next POBB.” The last 2 paydays would have amounted to 29,46 DAI for payday 12 + 13.

Last POBB #6

For payday 14: “20% (7,5216) will be used for community fund building and our monthly Burger Burning.”

Payday 14

For payday 15: “9,41 (20%) will be used for community fund building and our monthly Burger Burning.”

Payday 15

Total for payday 12-15 comes down to 46,3916 DAI equaling: 


 Setting our community fund at 26.6782 BRGR and our BRGR total and max supply at (this will be fixed for now) 9.852,293732 BRGR.

POBB #8 will be at the end of March, till then!

Visit us on https://brgr.club/ and follow us on twitter
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