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Publish0x added Ampleforth (AMPL) tokens to reward system | Let’s explore Ampleforth project and see is it worth

I was shocked when I saw a new token in my P0x balance because I did not get any notification or read an article about this move, but it’s here so let’s see what we can expect in this update.

First of all, I think that this is happening because of Ethereum’s lightspeed price growth and we will most likely get fewer ETH’s and receive more other coins. But, it’s just the first thing that I got on my mind.

However, AMPL is also growing this year so it’s a good thing anyway.

Last night I watched some video on YouTube about the Ampleforth project and seems stable and perspective, mostly when we talk about AMPL’s price. In this year it’s up like 17203.1% and in July the price was near 4$ so it has potential.

Ampleforth have a great team and serious investors such as True Ventures, Pantera Capital, Founder Collective, Slow Ventures, Brian Armstrong, FBG Capital, Huobi Capital, Spartan Group, Nima Capital, and Skunk Capital.

In short, we don’t have to worry about this update. It’s good to earn some AMPL tokens and more good if we keep them because price will blow very soon.

Ampleforth’s website:

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!


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