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Rattan in 180 ° Digital

Perhaps this news is not very relevant for some, but for many, especially those of us who still live in Venezuela, reading this type of information is very confirming, especially if we are involved with the crypto world. Everything we read, research and write about this ecosystem, about how it can change our lives, is satisfactory if we see concrete facts and more than favorable results.

Reading the news that Rattan, one of the emblematic stores in Venezuela, arises again thanks to the contribution it is receiving from the acceptance of a payment system in cryptos, it is extremely ratifying and it is a joy that, spaces that were considered lost, return to be born thanks to the intervention of Bitcoin and other cryptos are making and moving to a concrete plane.

The ease of management, the simplicity of the exchange and the access to cryptos make this a more than winning combination, they make it the true answer to get out of this economic and social crisis.

It is not a secret to say that Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst inflationary records, not in the continent, but in the world, that the efforts to record the true value of the local currency is not supported by the counting systems due to the number of zeros that are needed. Incredibly, the record 9,999,999,999,999.99 is unfortunately no longer the limit to decipher the true value of exchanges in accounting systems.

Really Bitcoin, since its emergence in 2009, has known how to bring ways and solutions in those sectors that express an increasingly growing need and that unfortunately will be fatal when the real numbers are seen in those domestic finances.

For years we have been told, and still do, that it is easier to understand collecting cards than it is to understand Bitcoin or any underlying money alternative. But what they experience in these definitions is the fear of losing those quotas of power that have maintained them for years.

What I write about Rattan is a clear example that cryptocurrencies represent, that balance that is needed above all, before a corrupt and unfair system, before the constant announcements of the commented economic reset, before a system that only seeks to cannibalize everything value that is exposed to the market as a justifiable via of global welfare.

Therefore, examples such as Rattan’s will be repeated in countries like Veezuela, by the way third in the adoption and use registry in Latin America, under initiatives that have scope to improve the quality of life of all citizens who suffer from a credit environment. and fictitious, that does not have nor will have limits for the atrocity that is currently done with fiat money.

Once again, with the appropriate steps, Rattan returns to the fore as an emblem of the island of Margarita and Venezuela. There is still a way to go, but with the consolidation of Bitcoin and other highs in post-halving prices, there is no doubt that it is already a reference for an independent and decentralized evolution.

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