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Ready for Mary? Cardano Forks!

If you pay attention to the latest news in crypto world you know that ADA is forking on the first of March, what is going to change?

Has of now ADA is usefull for staking and holding, but the ADA adoption isn’t here just for that. Meet the next step on the roadmap Mary.

Cardano blockchain with Mary will be open to smart contracts and we can see a infinity number of projects coming to ADA with the low fees that are a problem in ETH. The fees are very little and can be paid by deductimg in the token you are minting or in ADA, a great upgrade from ETH that only allows to pay fees in ETH. Once it’s launched you should take time to find the best projects to invest, it is in the early stages that you profit more in the long term. Look at what happen to ERC-20 tokens, the value went up in a incredible way. Well ADA has the hype and has the fundamentals to confirm this hype, so I’m thinking that this only can go one way success.

Partnerships are happening all over the world, ADA is very present in Africa where it can change peoples lifes, this is very important because ADA has a strong social case that wants to fix. This may be where a currency wins over the other and over fiat, taking poor people in poor contries and make them able to live and succeed, that can be the stimulus that is needed to end opressive governments.

ADA is all about Love, you can see that the minimum divisional of ADA it’s called a Lovelace. It has much to offer and we are very early, so everyone can still join this wonderfull project.

Source( my own post in read.cash): https://read.cash/@Cryptopeach/ready-for-mary-cardano-forks-22ee98e0

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