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Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Rally Past $20,000

Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Rally Past $20,000 :


There is no doubt that Bitcoin (BTC) is a real potential player and have proved to be the best asset this year, despite of there being pandemic and other financial issues to the global economy.

The Bitcoin (BTC) have proved itself to be the best financial asset and is going to surge higher than the level it is now.


Big Financial Institutions :


There’s a lot of big financial institutions that are jumping into the Bitcoin (BTC) rally as they know this is going to boom more than some people are expecting. 

The ones who are going to hodle the Bitcoin (BTC) for long term will be rewarded with enormous profits as this is just the Kickstart to the Bitcoin (BTC) boom. 



Strong Technical Support :


Bitcoin (BTC) have been showing strong technicals lately and now we know where it is going and according to the top analysts of cryptocurrency market these technicals are showing that the resistance levels will become the strongest support levels after Bitcoin (BTC) crosses $20,000 mark. 

People are believing in Bitcoin (BTC) more than anytime and this is leading to more and more stronger Bitcoin (BTC) rally. 


Do enter the market at a good time and leave it at the perfect time and take the most profits out of it. 



Have a great day ahead! 

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